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If you were ticketed in Florence, SC or were caught speeding on I-95 or I-20, do not pay the ticket or appear in Court without first speaking to a SC Traffic Ticket Attorney experienced in handling Florence South Carolina speeding tickets. Florence intersects I-20 and I-95, which is where most non-resident motorists receive tickets in Florence County. Additionally, many summer vacationers on the way to the beach often pass through Florence and could become victim to a South Carolina speed trap.

Put the legal experience and skill of the South Carolina Traffic Ticket lawyers at Nosal & Jeter, LLP to work on your case. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent South Carolina residents and non-residents with Florence speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, reckless driving, accident tickets and all other traffic violation.

No matter what type of ticket you have been charged with, our objectives are to attempt to get these charges Dismissed, Reduced, or changed to a Non Moving Violation, which will not appear on your driving record with our client’s expectation of paying the lowest fine possible, and having the fewest driver’s license/ insurance points possible.

Fight your Florence Speeding Ticket

There are many reasons to fight a Florence, SC speeding ticket, such as avoiding points on your license, keeping insurance premiums low, and staying out of the courtroom. It is important to know that even a minor speeding ticket (less than 10 mph over the speed limit) can lead to serious consequences, depending on the state in which you are licensed. Paying a fine means that you plead guilty to the ticket and, in some circumstances, a misdemeanor. Once the ticket is on your record, your insurance company will likely raise your premium for a three (3) year period. Of course, the worst scenario is when you have a speeding ticket on your record then get another one. Adding more points onto your license exacerbates everything. Fortunately, there are experienced South Carolina speeding ticket lawyers out there to help.

Paying the Ticket is Pleading Guilty! Before you pay your Florence traffic ticket, contact attorneys Peter J. Nosal or Thomas C. Jeter III for a free consultation and review of the options regarding your traffic citation. Our traffic violations attorneys serve Florence County and all South Carolina counties! We help our clients avoid auto insurance premium increases, obtain lowered court fines and costs, keep license points off their driving record, or avoid license suspension and loss of driving privilege.

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Save Time & Money

Your time is valuable and having to appear in court is a major inconvenience that takes you away from your job and family. However, in most cases if you hire our firm, we can appear on your behalf without you having to return to Magistrate Court for a Florence SC Traffic Ticket.

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