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If you have received a Ridgeland traffic ticket, speeding ticket, or any other moving violation while driving on I-95 through Jasper County, South Carolina, do not pay the ticket or appear in Court without first speaking to a South Carolina traffic ticket lawyer experienced handling Ridgeland, SC traffic tickets.

Paying your ticket is pleading guilty … would you really plead guilty to a crime without first knowing the punishment?

Our experienced traffic violations lawyers will let you know the impact of your ticket on your license and insurance, so you can make an educated decision on how best to handle your citation. We are up front with our clients regarding the costs and attorney’s fees and what the likely result will be for our firm to handle your speeding ticket.

As a former police officer, Attorney Peter J. Nosal, a managing partner, knows the ins-and-outs of traffic law and how to get you the best possible result for your traffic ticket. As few as one speeding ticket can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket! Don’t Pay your Ticket without first contacting a SC Traffic ticket lawyer today to learn how your ticket will affect your license and insurance.

Representation for Out-of-State Clients

At Nosal & Jeter, LLP we represent both South Carolina residents and non-residents with Ridgeland speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, red light tickets, too fast for conditions, accident tickets, reckless driving, and all other SC traffic offenses. Ridgeland is located near the Georgia state line, and many of our clients are drivers with an out-of-state license who were simply passing through the small town of Ridgeland on the way to the beach or a commercial driver on I-95. If you were pulled over for a speeding ticket and are not from the local area, having to personally appear in the Ridgeland magistrate court can be a major inconvenience. Call our firm for a free consultation and we will explain your options and recommend a course of action. For most Ridgeland traffic tickets, our attorneys can appear on your behalf without you having to return to South Carolina. When you call, you can speak to a South Carolina traffic ticket lawyer who understands Ridgeland speeding tickets and how they affect your license and insurance. We are available evenings and weekends. Call anytime.

Avoid Increasing Insurance Premiums, License Points, and Time in Court!

Even a simple speeding ticket can mean serious consequences for your driving record and insurance premiums. In addition to a fine, you will likely see your insurance rates rise. A knowledgeable South Carolina traffic ticket attorney can guide you to the solution that best fits your situation and results in the least damage to your insurance rates and your driving record. We will strive to get your case dismissed or reduced to minimize the points upon your license and insurance.

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