Trust Litigation

As the number of trusts and wealth of assets held in trust increases, issues regarding a proper management of trust investments and administering trusts for the benefit of the beneficiaries are becoming more frequent. The rise in trust litigation makes trust drafting and planning by the Grantor more important than ever to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to lawsuits regarding breach of a fiduciary duty by a trustee.

Our trust litigation attorneys are experienced in representing both trustees and beneficiaries in fiduciary lawsuits arising in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Trust Litigator in Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC

Trust litigation is a unique field of law that requires an attorney have both an in-depth understanding of trust and estate law, as well as the desire to zealously fight for their client’s rights when faced with contentious disputes, which often involve estranged families. There are many good estate planning lawyers that do not want to take on contentious trust lawsuits and there are many good civil litigators who don’t understand the fundamental principals of trust law.

Our trust attorneys pride themselves on being estate planning attorneys first and foremost and make every effort to avoid North and South Carolina trust disputes by preemptive planning. But they do not shy away from conflicts involving trusts or fiduciary litigation.

Serving as Trustee

If you are serving as trustee of a trust, it is extremely important to know and understand the trust laws of your state, the terms of the trust you are managing, how to prepare trust accounting, how to document and maintain detailed records, and the duty of loyalty that you owe all beneficiaries of the trust. Our trust lawyers are experienced in advising trustees in their fiduciary capacity in order to avoid trust disputes and trust lawsuits. We can advise you of your rights and obligations under the law, while serving as a fiduciary to avoid unnecessary litigation. Most of the time the trustee can pay our attorney’s fees from the trust for advise on trust administration.

Trustee or Beneficiaries Disputes

If you are a trust beneficiary and feel you are being treated unfairly or that the trustee has breached their fiduciary duty, is self-dealing or committed a breach of trust, we can help. Call (704) 608-3429 or E-mail [email protected] anytime  to schedule a consultation to discuss your trust law issue.