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If you have received a Rowan County traffic citation, speeding ticket, or any other moving violation in Salisbury or China Grove, call us today for a free consultation from a Rowan County traffic ticket attorney. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent both North Carolina residents and non-residents with Rowan County speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.

Not taking care of a traffic ticket, however minor, can have major repercussions. This may include a large fine, a court date, increases in your auto insurance premium, suspension of your driving privilege, and even jail time. There is no denying that traffic tickets of any kind tend to inconvenience your life. What if you already had points and a ticket results in a six month suspension of your license? How would you commute to work?

With the right approach and help, however, fighting a traffic ticket is only a phone call away. Our Rowan County traffic ticket lawyers offer free traffic ticket consultations for those unfortunate enough to get caught speeding, rolling a stop sign, or accidently breaking a traffic law.

There are a number of other traffic violations attorneys can help you with. These include:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license (Driving While License Revoked): This offense can lead to serious jail time and other consequences.
  • Speeding: This is one of the most common (and avoidable) causes of a traffic ticket.
  • Distracted driving: (using a phone, not paying attention, etc.) is always a risk.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident, whether intentional or not, can greatly impact your driving record.
  • Reckless driving and excessive speeding is another way to lose a license and wind up in jail for the night.

There are several ways you can wind up with a ticket. Fortunately, residents in Rowan County have access to traffic ticket lawyers they can depend on.

Free Phone Consultation For All Traffic Tickets

As mentioned, the lawyers at Nosal & Jeter, LLP are available for free traffic ticket consultations at your convenience. The firm’s Rowan County traffic ticket lawyers pride themselves in handling tickets swiftly and at minimal expense to yourself. In addition, a quick consultation can point you in the right direction to reducing (or dismissing) the fine, avoiding your appearance in court, keeping the ticket off your driving record,  avoiding insurance spikes, as well as other harmful consequences of receiving a traffic ticket.

Additionally, these consultation calls have no strings attached and require no obligation. This means there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, especially if your driver’s license is in jeopardy. Don’t wait until it’s too late — a forgotten ticket can become a major problem down the road.

With these experts in your corner, there’s no doubt that your traffic case will be dismissed or, at the least, your fines and penalties will be greatly reduced. Contact Nosal & Jeter, LLP today  North Carolina’s experienced and aggressive Rowan County traffic ticket lawyers.

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