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If you have received a Santee, South Carolina traffic citation, speeding ticket, or any other moving violation while driving through Orangeburg County, South Carolina on I-95, do not pay the ticket or appear in Court without first speaking to SC Traffic Ticket Attorney. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent both South Carolina residents and non-residents with the  Santee traffic tickets.


Speed Trap in Santee, South Carolina

Many small towns in South Carolina off I-95 such as Santee, do write a large number of traffic tickets for the per capita size of the town that generate revenue for their local municipality; however, the judges in these towns are well aware of the reduced speed zone, and a sudden reduction in the speed limit does not excuse speeding in these jurisdictions. We advise our clients to be mindful of the speed limit when driving through small towns in South Carolina, even on the interstate. However, if you do receive a Santee traffic ticket, call us today to learn how an experienced South Carolina traffic ticket attorney can fight your ticket for you. We are here to fight your ticket, and do not hesitate to learn the facts about your case with a free phone consultation! Call Now: (803) 351-3597

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Santee, SC Speeding Ticket

Paying the Ticket is Pleading Guilty! Before you pay your Santee, SC speeding ticket, contact Attorney Peter J. Nosal or Thomas C. Jeter III for a free consultation and review of the options in your case.

Former Police Officer Working for You! South Carolina violations traffic Lawyer Peter J. Nosal is a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who uses his law enforcement training and experience to successfully fight Santee traffic tickets for our clients.

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Call an attorney experienced fighting Santee Speeding Tickets for a free consultation and we will explain your options and recommend a course of action. When you call, you can speak to an experienced SC speeding ticket lawyer who understands Orangeburg County traffic offenses and how they affect your license and insurance. We are available evenings and weekends. Call anytime.

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