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Don’t Let a Speeding Ticket Spoil your Myrtle Beach Vacation!

If you were ticketed in Conway on your way to Myrtle Beach, SC or were caught speeding in Myrtle Beach, do not pay the ticket or appear in Court without first speaking to SC Traffic Ticket Attorney. Put the legal experience and skill of the South Carolina Traffic Ticket lawyers at Nosal & Jeter, LLP to work on your case. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent South Carolina residents and non-residents with Horry County speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, reckless driving, accident tickets, and all other traffic violation.

Myrtle Beach Speeding Ticket Defense

Many motorists who have been charged with a traffic citation are concerned with paying fines, increasing insurance premiums, driver’s license points, and even losing their driver’s license.One way to mitigate these consequences is to work with an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight Myrtle Beach Traffic Tickets. We represent many clients and truck drivers from out of state passing through this area for work or vacation.

Myrtle Beach, SC Traffic Violations 

Speeding ticket, No Operators License, Driving While License Revoked, DUI, Open Container, All Insurance Violations, Stop Sign Violations, Stop Light Violations, Reckless Driving, Underage Drinking.

We can help with all traffic violations!

Former Police Officer Working for You! South Carolina traffic ticket lawyer Peter J. Nosal is a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who uses his law enforcement training and experience to successfully fight South Carolina traffic tickets for our clients including tickets in Myrtle Beach and Conway.

Avoid Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums, License Points, and Time in Court!

Even a simple speeding ticket can have serious consequences on your driving record and insurance premiums. If you pay the fine, you are pleading guiltypossibly to a misdemeanor offense. In addition to a fine, you will likely see your insurance rates rise. A knowledgeable South Carolina traffic attorney can guide you to the solution that best fits your situation and results in the least damage to your insurance rates and your driving record. We will strive to get your cased dismissed or reduced to minimize the points upon your license and insurance.

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