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When starting a new company, entrepreneurs and business owners are extremely focused on building their new venture; however, necessary legal preparations should never be neglected. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, our experienced corporate formation lawyers can assist you by creating a legal framework to limit your personal liability, protect your corporation’s interests, and allow you to grow your successful business with legal protection from the start.

South Carolina Business Incorporation Lawyer

Forming a North Carolina corporation or South Carolina corporation is much more than merely filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. Selecting the right type of business entity, creating asset protection, and reducing taxes are essential elements for any business’s success. The business entity you choose will determine the extent to which you are exposed to personal risk for business activities and carries significant tax implications. Our business lawyers will advise you on the best corporate structure for your business and draft all requisite documents to form your South Carolina corporation. Our corporate attorneys are dedicated to helping your business grow and prosper for many years to come.

What is really involved in forming a South Carolina Corporation?

To form a corporation under South Carolina law, you file Articles of Incorporation with the South Carolina Secretary of State and pay the $135.00 filing fee. That is it! For individuals wanting to do it themselves, forming the entity can be extremely easy.

Additionally, you are required to have an attorney approve the filing and need the attorney’s signature to form the corporation.

Forming a corporation is not to be taken lightly and your failure to act like a corporation can subject you to personal liability for the operation of your business. If you want your personal liability to be protected, then you need to act like a corporation, which involves maintaining corporate formalities above merely filing the articles of incorporation.

The primary reason you want to hire an attorney to form your corporate entity is to draft the Bylaws, Shareholder Agreements, Corporate Minutes, and/or resolutions that fit your company’s needs, and to provide necessary legal advice on how to keep your company in compliance with the law, so the liability of the shareholders is protected. Merely filing the Articles of Incorporation will form the corporation, but alone is not enough alone to keep your personal liability limited.

Even if you are the sole shareholder, maintaining proper corporate formalities is an essential part of running your business to protect your personal assets.

In addition to filing your Articles of Incorporation, our lawyers will prepare:

By Laws. Every corporation gets our By-Laws custom drafted for the shareholders of the corporation. This documents the rules and regulations for operating your corporation, how to hold meetings, and other important governing issues.

Organizational Minutes. We prepare organizational resolutions to be signed by the corporation’s Shareholders and Directors, in which the shareholders elect the board of directors who elect the officers of the corporation and issue stock to the shareholders.

Stock Certificates. We prepare stock certificates for all shareholders. The stock certificate is numbered and signed by the President of the corporation and evidences that an interest in the company was issued to the shareholder named on the certificate.

Corporate Portfolio Binder and Seal. We give every corporation formed a professional high-quality Corporate Minute Book that contains all of the corporation’s formation documents, along with the personalized Corporate Seal.

Obtain Tax ID# and S-Corp filing. We will also obtain your Tax ID for your corporation, so you can quickly open a company bank account as well as file your S-election if you desire to be taxed as an S-corp.

Consultation & State-Specific Corporate Guide. We will provide you with an introductory guide on how to operate your corporation, which addresses tax issues, bank accounts, payroll, how to sign contracts, etc… Additionally, we will always be available to answer any question you may have.

If you value your time, want to protect your life savings from creditors, and want to form your South Carolina Corporation correctly, call our skilled incorporation lawyers for South Carolina Corporations at (803) 351-3597 or E-mail [email protected]