North Carolina Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is a responsible third-party who is designated and authorized to accept service of process for another person or entity. Every corporation, nonprofit corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), and limited liability partnership (LLP) authorized to transact business or conduct affairs in North  Carolina must continuously maintain a registered office and a registered agent. A registered agent must be an individual who resides in the same state in which the business entity is established. The registered agent’s address must be physical location within North Carolina and cannot use a PO Box.

What does a NC registered agent do?

The duty of the registered agent is to forward to the entity at its last known address any notice, process, or demand that is served on the registered agent. The registered agent’s information is kept by the Secretary of State so any official government notifications such as tax forms and notice of lawsuits can be received on behalf of the business entity.  If a business does not have a registered agent recorded with the Secretary of State, they may risk falling out of “good standing” with the state in which it is registered. Without a registered agent the state can dissolve your business entity, meaning you will no longer have the liability protection unless you file for reinstatement and pay a fee.

Benefits of having a third-party registered agent.

The registered agent is assuming risks and potential costs. The registered agent plays a vital role in ensuring that a business entity maintains its good standing by complying with federal and state requirements.  Being the registered agent allows our firm to be on notice of lawsuits brought against its clients. Being your own registered agent risks having a summons being served without your knowledge and a critical deadline may pass.

Hire our firm to Serve as the North Carolina Registered Agent for your Corporation

With an attorney as the registered agent for your business entity, you can rest assured that you will receive timely and prompt notice if your company is served with a summons. Further, an attorney may be able to immediately review and asses the lawsuit and provide you with legal advice or recommend outside counsel to defend a lawsuit.

By having an attorney as your registered agent means you will not have to accept potentially embarrassing legal documents in front of clients. Additionally, you will be able to easily change business locations without having to update your registered agent information with Secretary of State saving you time and money and will allow you to focus on your business.

Need a North Carolina Corporate Registered Agent?

Our North Carolina law firm serves as Registered Agent for our business clients in North Carolina as well as for companies who need a South Carolina Registered Agent. You can feel safe and secure that your company’s important legal documents are being treated with the attention and security they deserve and are being handled in compliance with North Carolina law. Our annual fee for serving as registered agent for your North Carolina business entity is $200.00, after the first year which is FREE for any new business entities formed by our North Carolina business formation lawyer.

Call (704) 608-3429 or e-mail [email protected]  for questions regarding Nosal & Jeter, LLP serving as your North Carolina Registered Agent.