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South Carolinians don’t need to suffer the legal system after the passing of a loved one, especially when a Fort Mill probate attorney from Nosal & Jeter, LLP is on their side. Our South Carolina probate lawyers pride themselves in offering compassionate legal guidance and experience to make handling a deceased loved one’s estate as painless and efficient as possible. With our primary office located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, our attorneys are experienced in handling Estate matters in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Sun City, and all of York County. We are even licensed in North Carolina to assist with assets across the state line.

Probate Attorney in Fort Mill, SC

What happens during probate?

Once the person has passed away, the Executor or Administrator of their Will is responsible for filing the necessary paperwork to verify all of the decedent’s assets and debts and begin the transfer of property to its designated heirs. It is also necessary to settle all debts and pay appropriate taxes on the property. In an insolvent estate, this may require the sale of some assets to cover these debts and fees. A Fort Mill, SC probate attorney can help the family to navigate these processes and resolve any disputes regarding distribution of assets. They also ensure that all documents are properly filed and all property subject to probate is included.

Need Local Fort Mill Probate Guidance?

For those in need of a Fort Mill probate attorney, Nosal & Jeter, LLP is the law firm to call. The office services individuals and families located in North Carolina and South Carolina.

When partnered with Nosal & Jeter, LLP, families do not have to worry about handling or managing paperwork. The law firm’s attorneys offer as much legal assistance as requested from full service estate administration to legal guidance on important steps in the process.

These services often include:

  • Locating and notifying heirs
  • Selling probated items
  • Paying creditors and debts of decedent
  • Handling tax returns and tax IDs
  • Filing court documents, inventories, and accountings
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Avoiding Probate with a Living Trust

It is important to note that probate can be “avoided” by transferring assets to a trust before death. To do this, proper estate planning is needed with one of our firm’s estate planning lawyers prior to an individual’s death. A Will doesn’t prevent the process of probate. Instead, it merely directs the outcome of a probate case and distributes an estate’s assets to pre-assigned parties. The overall process can take anywhere from months to years depending on the size and value of an estate, not to mention the complexity of the will.

Why do I need a probate attorney?

As mentioned, skilled probate law attorneys guide you through an already cumbersome process. Between the paperwork, legal jargon, and any conflicting orders in a will, the process can be extremely difficult for surviving relatives.

The most important reason to hire a Fort Mill Probate Lawyer is to make sure the estate administration is handled correctly and efficiently. Conflicting personalities of beneficiaries can often  strain a family going through the probate process when one sibling is named as the Executor and another is not. Hiring an experienced probate attorney can give other beneficiaries peace of mind that the estate is being handled properly.

Local Fort Mill Probate lawyer

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Dedicated Fort Mill, SC Estate Planning Attorney

If you live in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Charlotte, or York County area and want more information on setting up a Will or Trust, our Fort Mill, SC Estate Planning law firm is conveniently located to serve our local community. To find out more about South Carolina Estate Planning, schedule an appointing at our Fort Mill office for a free consultation. Contact our Fort Mill office today: (803) 608-9121.