Elder Law - Elder Care Attorney

Planning for ones death, incapacity, or nursing home care is an important but often avoided topic for many people. Our attorneys understand the needs and concerns of elderly clients, and handle each issue with compassion and understanding while providing our clients with the highest level of legal advice. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we advise elderly clients regarding planning for long-term care, special assistance, medicaid benefits, and incapacity, while working to increase our client’s benefits and quality of life and preserve their legacy.

Long-Term Care Planning Lawyer

One of the biggest fears many seniors face is how to pay for long-term care if they are no longer able to live alone and require assisted living or nursing home level care. Additionally, having worked a full life and responsibly saved their money, most of our clients do not want to spend their life savings on expensive nursing home care, leaving nothing for their families when they are gone. A new report released by Genworth in their 2013 Cost of Care Survey shows that the median private room annual cost for a nursing home in North Carolina is $77,471 and the median annual cost in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill area is $81,030, which is slightly below the national average of $83,950, with rates projected escalate 4% annually. In many cases, the assistance of a qualified Medicaid planning attorney in North Carolina can help preserve substantial financial assets, including your personal residence. Contact a North Carolina Medicaid Planning Attorney to learn more about exempt and non-exempt assets when applying for Medicaid and how to “spend down” your assets to qualify for Medicaid. Seniors living in the Charlotte metro area should not sell or transfer their real property or personal property without first consulting with an experienced Cornelius, North Carolina Elder Law attorney.

Common North Carolina Elder Law issues include:

  • Strategies for long-term care planning & long-term care insurance
  • Guardianship Legal Issues
  • Qualifications for Medicaid & Asset Protection
  • Incapacity Planning: Power of Attorney & Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament and Living Trusts
  • Special/ Supplemental Needs Trusts
  • Living Wills & Planning for Natural Death

Charlotte Medicaid Planning

We assist many clients with the process of planning, applying for, and qualifying for Medicaid benefits to help pay for nursing home costs for loved ones who find skilled nursing home care a necessity. Planning for institutional care under North Carolina’s Medicaid and Special Assistance programs is a complex process with constantly changing rules and regulations. In many cases, the assistance of a qualified Medicaid planning attorney in can help preserve substantial financial assets, including the primary residence of the nursing home resident, and their spouse, through effective long term care planning.


We assist clients with North Carolina Incompetency and Guardianship procedures. Guardianship is a court process whereby a person or agency can be given the authority to safeguard the personal and financial well-being of an adult who has lost the ability to care for or make decisions for himself or herself and there are no feasible alternatives in place. If a Respondent is adjudicated to be incompetent, then a guardian is given the power to ensure that proper decisions are made on their behalf.  This is often an extremely difficult process for an elderly family member suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s who does not want to give up their independence. Our attorneys offer solutions to these problems while at all times treating your elderly family members with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our North Carolina Attorney serves as a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem in Mecklenburg County and knows these procedures well. This can be a difficult time for friends and family, so please call a competent North Carolina guardianship attorney to learn more information on the incompetency and guardianship process.

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