North Carolina Wills

Last Will and Testament is the most common tool that the Estate planning attorneys at Nosal & Jeter, LLP use to achieve our client’s estate planning goals. 
Everyone should have at least a basic Last Will and Testament to direct who will receive their assets upon their death. Our Charlotte, North Carolina Wills Attorney offers affordable estate planning options that will fit your family’s needs and budget. If you do not decide who will receive your assets upon your death, the laws of North Carolina, depending on where you live, will make this decision for you. Our attorneys do not simply draft form documents, we take the time to formulate a plan that best suits our clients needs.

Estate Planning with Wills in North Carolina

Our attorneys understand these issues well and will make sure your estate plan addresses the issues most important to you. Each Will drafted by our Will and Trust attorneys is specifically tailored to the client’s needs, but some types of Wills that are attorneys draft are:

  • Simple Wills
  • Complex Wills
  • Pour over Wills with revocable living trusts
  • Wills with testamentary trusts

Why prepare your Last Will and Testament?

The Importance of Planning for Parents

For individuals and families with minor children,  it is never too early to set up an Estate Plan and determine how your children will be provided for if you are no longer there to care for them. Our Charlotte, North Carolina Will and Trust attorneys believe that any individual or couple with minor children should absolutely consider a guardianship and a trust for their children. A children’s trust can either be done within your Last Will and Testament or as a separate legal document. Life Insurance is one piece of the puzzle, but a trust is often needed to protect your child’s interests and security. Nobody can predict their own death, but your child’s well-being is too important to leave to chance. Our attorneys understand these issues well and make sure your Estate Plan addresses the issues most important to you. Each document drafted by our North Carolina and South Carolina lawyers  is specifically tailored to meet our clients needs.

What will happen to my children if I die?

Lawyer for Wills in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you have a question about your Last Will and Testament, or have questions about your family’s estate plan, feel free contact our North Carolina Wills and Trust attorney, Thomas C. Jeter III, directly at (704) 608-3429 or Email: for a consult on preparing a North Carolina Will.