York County Drug Possession

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Have you or a loved one been arrested in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, or even Tega Cay for possession of an illegal substance? You need a local attorney with experience to help you fight for your rights. Located in Fort Mill, our South Carolina criminal defense lawyers defend those arrested with drug charges throughout York County.  Since founding Nosal & Jeter, LLP in 2010, Attorney Peter Nosal has devoted his legal career to defending the legal rights of the accused  in York County.  He and his team are here to fight for you.

    What is an Illegal Drug in York County?

Come on- you know what an illegal drug is. What you may not know is how the South Carolina legislature has classified certain types of drugs and how the penalties associated with different types of drug possession differ. For example, a first time possession of marijuana conviction carries up to 30 days in jail while a first time possession of cocaine conviction carries up to 3 years. South Carolina classifies drugs in Schedules I-IV, with marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and others falling into different categories. Depending on what category the drug is in, you could be facing bigger penalties.

 Fighting York County Drug Cases

Being charged with possession of an illegal drug in York can be related to a traffic stop, a plain view sighting of the drug, or something else entirely. Either way, you need an experienced attorney who knows case law and the court system to help you fight your case. Treading through preliminary hearings, bond hearings, potential plea offers, and trials is not something you should have to do on your own when the attorneys at our firm can use our experience to help you through this intimidating process.

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